1. Why is the shipping free? Is there something different about these chocolates?
    1. The chocolates are exactly the same type, quality, and freshness as Studio Chocolate’s regular bonbon collection boxes. Shipping is free because each Hybrid Gift has to be ordered on its own. And we don’t want multiple shipping fees to stop you from ordering anything else that catches your fancy!
  2. Why can’t my Hybrid Gift be shipped immediately? I need it to arrive right away!
    1. Hybrid Gifts can be shipped as soon as you, the gift-giver, go to https://hybridgifting.com and make the digital part of the gift. What could be worse than thinking you’re getting a customised digital accompaniment to your chocolates and finding it empty?
      If you are in a rush, though, you can do just one quick part of the gift, like a single written message or photo upload, and do extra when you have more time. As long as your gift has at least one part, it should be ready to send with Studio’s next batch of deliveries.
      If you have any questions about shipping your Hybrid Gift, please contact orders@studio-chocolate.co.uk. We will work with them to help you out if at all possible.
  3. What if I want to change or add to my gift?
    1. If you have just finished, click your browser’s ‘back’ button until you see the ‘submit’ link. Then make your changes and submit again. If you have left the page, return to hybridgifting.com and log in using your order number and password. Then make your changes and submit again. Usually, though, as soon as you can see your upload, so can your receiver.
  4. What if I can’t remember my password?
    1. Email support@hybridgifting.com with your invoice number and we will arrange a new password for you. Please bear with us! In order to protect your personal data held by Studio Chocolate, this research project cannot use an automated ‘reset password’ service. This means actual humans helping you out, so please give us 24-48 hours to respond.
  5. Who is behind hybridgifting.com?
    1. hybridgifting.com is a website owned and run by members of the Mixed Reality Lab, a technology research lab at the University of Nottingham. Hybrid Gifting is a research project funded by UKRI/EPSRC. You can find out about it and UKRI/EPSRC at the University’s page for this project.
      Studio Chocolate is working in partnership with us to help discover more about how to combine physical and digital gifts. Our top priority is to support Studio Chocolate, and the best way to do that is not to interfere with their customer information – your personal information, especially your credit card details.
      This is why we have a completely separate website for making digital gifts. The University and hybridgifting.com have no way of interacting with Studio Chocolate’s website or any of the information they store to bring you your delicious chocolates!
  6. How can I find out more about this project?
    1. You can contact Dr. Jocelyn Spence at support@hybridgifting.com with any inquiries about the project!
  7. What do I do if I have a problem with my hybrid gift order?
    1. If there is an issue related to your order, first contact orders@studio-chocolate.co.uk. If they need to contact us, they will. If you have a question or problem directly related to the Hybrid Gift Maker at hybridgifting.com, please contact support@hybridgifting.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can, but please allow at least 48 hours for a reply. (Studio Chocolate is much more rapid in their turnaround times!)
  8. What’s the fine print?
    1. Even though your Hybrid Gift contents are private, we ask that you not share anything unlawful, defamatory, malicious, or reasonably likely to upset or offend your gift receiver. You agree that no person or institution involved in this project can be held liable for material sent by a Hybrid Gift giver to their receiver.
  9. How can I give feedback?
    1. We want to hear your thoughts on the Hybrid Gift, whether you’re giving or receiving. Please send us your thoughts anonymously or with an email to arrange a brief interview with a University of Nottingham researcher. For each interview, we will give £5 to the Pay it Forward scheme, providing fresh local, produce to Nottingham area people in need.
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