C&C Festival of Hybrid Gifting

We want to take the opportunity of this conference's virtual mode and explicit interest in temporality to invite you to a unique gifting holiday. Not only will you get hands-on experience and in-depth discussion on the interactions between physicality and the digital in relation to gifts, but you will explore a theory-based and practice-driven exploration of how to heighten the felt experience of temporally extended interactions. This workshop is joyously open to researchers, artists, and design practitioners with any interest in personalised, meaningful, memorable, or simply fun gift experiences. Please accept our invitation to C&C's Festival of Hybrid Gifting!

We invite any artist, designer, and/or researcher with an interest in gifting, personalisation, virtual personal interactions, or the intersections of physicality and the digital in a single object or experience to join our Festival. Contributors are requested to submit a 2-4 page position paper, pictorial, or write-up of their own work in these or related areas. As 'hybrid gifting' is such a new concept, we do not expect contributors to have any direct experience with the practice. Please make your submission to jocelyn.spence@nottingham.ac.uk by Thursday 1 June 2023 AOE so that we all have time to make and exchange gifts for each other. You can email questions to Jocelyn at any time.

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